VFX & Motion Graphics
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VFX & Motion Graphics

We love what we do

The Art of Visual Effects

VFX are our passion. We were born as a VFX and motion graphics studio in 2006. Now, we have a department with 16 visual artists, including designers, photographers, and engineers developing VFX. We perform at every level, from conceptualization to supervision on set.

One of our biggest challenges was “El día de la unión”, where we created around 167 shots, from rotoscope to the construction of the entire shot using compositing.

Our Demo Reel

Previs | Concept Art | 3D | VFX composite

Our VFX Artists

Marco Rodríguez

Sr. VFX Supervisor

Sandra Elorza

VFX Coordinator

Oscar Guzman

VFX Supervisor

Miguel Soriano

VFX Artist
Conceptual designer

Luis Barquero

VFX Artist

Luis Aranda

VFX Artist

Jonatan Lobato

VFX Artist

Rodrigo Espíndola

Graphic designer

Álvaro Moreno

VFX Artist

Mevlana Rumi

VFX Artist

Bryan Vizcaya

VFX Artist

Rubén Minguer

Motion designer

Erika Espinosa

3D Generalist

Our latest projects

We love what we do as much as we love challenges

We transform our expertise into a simple emotional experience, and apply our creativity to make your experience even more enjoyable.
Marco Rodríguez | CEO Founder